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Gardens For a City

Artist's Statement
Some of my favorite childhood memories were the times my father would take my brother and I for long walks through old local parks or the forest preserves to keep us away from any holiday preparations that were happening in the kitchen. When I became a parent, those walks became more meaningful to me. These memories of my holiday adventures were the inspiration for my series, Gardens For a City.

In 2004 I began taking my camera for walks along the winding paths of Chicago’s oldest and grandest parks. I was fascinated with the overall design of these large parks. It was interesting to see how large swaths of land could be divided into different spaces through the use of fields, pounds, streams, trees, prairie vegetation and elegant field houses. I researched the designers of these parks and their intention for the people who lived and worked in the communities steps beyond the parks. I continued to go back to these places throughout the years, noting how seasonal light and weather change the park landscapes. As I continued to study the textures created through time and seasons and the designers sensitivity to landscape, I was able to create photographic abstractions that I believed to be the essence of these beautiful old parks.