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Gun Shadows

Artist's Statement
Years ago I dropped our son off at his little league baseball practice in a park near our home. Not long after, our son along and members of his team were driven home by his coach and assistant coach. The coaches heard gunshots coming from the other end of the park. They frantically got the kids into their cars and drove away. I thought about that day and understood it was just by chance that the kids on the team and their two coaches were not hit by a stray bullet. I thought about the countless victims and their families who were not so fortunate.

A year after this incident I decided to photograph places where people were killed by guns. On occasion, while taking pictures at the locations I spoke to friends and relatives of the deceased and listened to their tragic stories. I met a young woman who was strolling with her friend through a park when he was struck and killed by a bullet. I also met a grandmother who wondered why no one identified the person who killed her fourteen year old grandson. The victims ranged in age, but most were children. One victim was only six months old.

My intention was never to simply document crime scenes. I used the concept of a landscape to isolate small, seemingly insignificant details of a place. I wanted to make the banal objects become important artifacts and witnesses to the violence that occurred at the locations. Through these observations I hoped to create a visual poem that would pay homage to those who lost their lives through gun violence.